FS 1911 6 Ft WS Bleriot Model

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FS 1911 6 Ft WS Bleriot Model

Postby stuffinder » Thu Nov 14, 2013 2:08 pm

I posted earlier about this incredible Bleriot built by Fuad (Fred) Jerwan for his brother Shakir. Shakir S Jerwan was a classmate of Harriet Quimby's in the Moisant School of Aviation's 1st class at Mineola,NY , the Summer of 1911. His brother built this fabulous model with working control surfaces & electric motor driven for Shakir (Dude) to lecture with. The 1st documented use was at a lecture at the NYC YMCA during Nov. 1911.
My friend who found the model and I neither have the space nor desire to to keep this model indefinitely. We've both been in the antique business for 25+ years and believe this is one of the most significant early aviation artifacts we've seen come to the market. We'd like to see it in either the Cradle of Aviation Museum or the Smithsonian. The Cradle is 2 miles from Mineola where Jerwan used this model for teaching from 1911-1915. Of course, neither Institution has any funding for acquisitions at this time. So, we're putting the model up for sale. This is the 1st public mention of it's availability and if anyone here is interested they can contact me directly at: gyro at stuffinder dot com My friend and I both feel the model would probably sell rapidly at a venue such as the Pier Antique Show in NYC, most likely to a high end Americana or "Folk Art" dealer. We'd prefer to see it in an aviation museum or major aviation collection. Here's a link to my earlier post on the MAC Forum:
I've done some in-depth research on the Jerwan's & this model and you may see it at the following Dropbox link.
Yes it is expensive! but not crazy IMHO!

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Re: FS 1911 6 Ft WS Bleriot Model

Postby FETT1 » Wed Jan 08, 2014 1:17 am

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