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Piko - German Toy Manufacturer

Postby hovermd » Sat Dec 31, 2016 9:26 pm

Over the years, I've seen a number of helicopter toys produced by Piko. The company is German and was based out of Sonneberg, a city famous for its long history of toy-making.

The most commonly seen examples are remote controlled battery-operated flying toy helicopters. The helicopter, which is pretty generic in appearance, has a spinning rotor that causes it to rotate on a weighted arm around a control tower. I've seen 3 different versions. Two, the PK-360 and the DM-HUBI - Typ 1250, were produced for the German market. I have the third "P.K. Pete" version that was made for the English and French markets. Here's a photo:

Piko "P.K. Pete" Helicopter

Rarer are the pull-toy and battery-operated toys that were more precisely modeled after the Mil MI-1 helicopter from the late 1940s. These toys shared very similar boxes. The pull-toy box is marked "Schl. Nr. 4550/5/1 - ME 1242" on the side panel label. Here's a photo:

Piko Sonneberg Schl. Nr. 455051 - ME 1242

My pull-toy example is lacking two tail rotor blades, which were made from a stiff cardboard-like material and are prone to loss.

The battery-operated version is identical in appearance, but has an unusual wired remote control unit.
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