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Postby YGG » Sat May 17, 2014 10:38 am

johnbeugels wrote:Hello Terry,
The boxed sets 68 are very rare and not often offered for sale. I never saw a replica box for this set.
There are in fact two different boxes. First with light camouflage models and later with dark camouflage. The first set for sure had a label on the lid. Same pictures as box 65 with names of the planes printed on the label.
My second box has no label, just a small sticker with Meccano Company of America. I presume that Meccano did not add a label anymore on boxes later in 1940 to save costs.

If you want more information you can contact me.
John Beugels.

Thanks for the info and the photos. I will shortly post a photo of what I have so far, towards the contents of 68. As for boxes as such, I can easily have replicas or near-replicas made up locally.

To complete the set, my focus is mainly on the dark camouflage. However, I figured that to illustrate the variation that exists, I could include one (or more) of the light coloured variants. I will also have a written guide to my display, and it will explain the variation - I doubt that many of my guests our want to sit down and read the guide, but when I show the collection, if there is the opportunity, I can explain the variation. Most visitors will not have that much interest, however.
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