Vintage Rehberger United Airlines Trio

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Vintage Rehberger United Airlines Trio

Postby sandmanoverhaul » Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:27 pm

In a follow-up to my previous posting of the two original Rehberger United Airlines Ashtrays, the latest is this original United Airlines larger B-247 Desk Lamp.

After picking up the B-247, I spent a couple of days with the all-mighty Jim Striplin of Hartford,AL (aluminum model restoration expert extraordinaire). What a wonderful experience sitting in the hangar at Striplin Field surrounded by classic full-scale aircraft (2 ea 150's, Aztec and Taylorcraft) learning how to forge aluminum parts. Jim has in his vast collection the same Rehberger B-247 United Lamp model. He described the process for "cleaning-up" the model if I ever want to return it as a pristine sample.

Jim's "Real Job" is manufacturing and installing full-scale airport lighting systems all over the world. If you know anyone with any type of airport, heliport, etc., Jim has amazing solutions and products. Check the website-

I promise to record the steps needed if I can ever make some time to get this Rehberger B-247 Lamp restored.

BTW, this is the model that features the retract landing gear. It will also get the prop and lamp assemblies updated as well.

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