Trophy Craft, Fount-O-Ink, Rehberger

Objects incorporating models of aircraft.

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Trophy Craft, Fount-O-Ink, Rehberger

Postby sandmanoverhaul » Wed Nov 09, 2016 7:01 pm

We have come across these models usually done in "bronze' over the years. I repaired one not long ago and a metalologist friend told me that the AC Rehberger casting metal was dead-on to these. I suspect these were produced and shipped to companies to be assembled with ashtrays, bookends, inkwells and trophy/award combinations. Here is a shot of a pair of bookends (Trophy Craft), Ashtray (Trophy Craft) and an inkwell (Fount-O-Ink). All of these finished products were produced in Los Angeles and the B-26 Martin Marauder was produced from the post-war period until about 1955 when jets became popular with no props to break! Speaking of which, I have new props painted and ready for install on the three models that have them missing.

Regards, Tom
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