Wyandotte Beechcraft B-18

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Wyandotte Beechcraft B-18

Postby sandmanoverhaul » Sun Dec 17, 2017 9:50 pm

I have been getting steady requests from collectors to modify their Wyandotte Twin Engine Transports into either a Lockheed 12 or Beech 18. I suspect the original design used by Wyandotte was roughly based on the Barkley-Grow T8P-1 which had fixed gear. There was a competition to design a small feeder airliner in 1935 by the Bureau of Air Commerce. Ultimately, of the three airplanes submitted (Lockheed 12, Beech 18, Barkley-Grow T8P-1), the Lockheed Junior won the competition. With looming war clouds, the USAAC forced Lockheed to reduce their production to focus on warplanes. Beechcraft picked-up the aerial ball with their B-18 which went onto its own illustrious career.

A pilot who once flew B-18's between Chicago and Cleveland requested that a vintage pressed steel toy version be crafted to hang in the bookstore that he owns. He wanted the to look like the one he flew and to have it gear down on final. This meant substantial bodywork and paintwork. The list includes belly pan, re-shaped wings, new twin fin tail assembly, new landing gear on all 3 points, re-sculpted windshield and cargo door outlines amongst other details. It will also get a anti-glare panel on top of the nose and red wingtips before being shipped for Christmas.

I have included another stock Wyandotte (soon to become a Lockheed!) for comparison. I also have a shot found on the internet of the full-scale airplane before having its rudders painted red.

Enjoy the holidays. Here is wishing you all to have safe travels.
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