Marx Medium Bomber now B-17C/D

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Marx Medium Bomber now B-17C/D

Postby sandmanoverhaul » Tue Feb 18, 2014 7:35 am

Hi All,
I have been on a long enough hiatus to deactivate my original account as soslipstream. I am back but as sandman overhaul and look forward to enjoying this particularly interesting group once again. Many thanks to Bryan for keeping me in the loop.

The pictures show a unique modification project done for a friend down in Texas who is a retired pilot and current toy collector. He wondered a few months back why a pressed steel early "Shark Fin" B-17 was never produced by the busy toy makers in the late 1930's. Shortly thereafter he asked if I would create one from a vintage made toy airplane? The results are as you see. The original baseline toy was the Marx medium bomber that looked much like a DC-2 with four engines.

A new nose was grafted over the existing cockpit area. The original "glass nose" was then installed. The airplane received a new steel turtle deck, landing gear, engine cowls, props, stabilizer and, of course, tail fin. Even the two bomb shackles on the wings work as originally designed. The airplane will shortly be donated to a new museum in Austin, TX. I am be happy to answer any questions on the process.

Best Regards, Tom
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