Prototype/design models. Desk models contracted by or made in house by aircraft manufacturing firms. Makers of these types of models include Topping, Precise etc...

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Postby solumis » Fri Aug 08, 2014 9:45 pm

a recent find out of ebay... don't know if it is a manufactors modell but it matches to the style of german models of that time and to the ones christian have. It is 1:32 and made of thick sheet metal. I think it was painted because i found some paint rests under the stabilizer but i leave it as it is now in silver. Unfortunaly if was broken in the later days and soldered not to good. But also here i decided that i will leave it like it is.
The front of the canopy is to low but the rest of the plane is correct. It is funny how something looks "out of shape" if a mimimum is not the way we are used to it.
The stand is not the original one but all pieces are from the 30's ;)
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