Packing and Storing Recognition Models

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Packing and Storing Recognition Models

Postby ALetner » Sun Mar 18, 2012 2:40 am

I need any and all useful advice for the packing and storing my collection. I am selling my home and I will need to find one once I do. The models could end up being stored for some undetermined number of months. I will be able to store them at my sisters air conditioned house while I find one for myself. Is it okay to just wrap them in newspaper an pack them in boxes? Should the boxes have breathe holes in them? Can I use peanuts to separate the more intricate ones with struts, gear,pontoons, etc? If so, are the older style foam ones alright or are the ones that are water soluble better? I have access to some paper that is more like the shiny sale flyers are inserted in the newspaper. Should that be avoided? I am really not wanting to have these things destroyed.
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Re: Packing and Storing Recognition Models

Postby ramseyd » Sun Mar 18, 2012 4:21 am

I am guessing you are talking about the cellulose acetate models by Cruver.

Not sure about the peanuts versus paper. The older cruver models were stored in paper in boxes without the breathe holes, but I have a couple that show deterioration (drying and shrinking) being stored 60+ years that way. Would guess this would not be an issue for a few months.

I would recommend a couple of things. If you are storing the cellulose acetate models (i.e. the cruver, and some Australian) that have the vinegar smell, be sure keep each separated from the others. I tend to believe that when a model starts to go bad, it is like a rotten apple in a barrel and may cause others to start to "rot". I also believe that this can be slowed by keeping them cold. Which leads to the other recommendation, be sure to keep them in a cool, dry place for best results. Keeping them in an air conditioned house is a must to minimize loss. This recommendation is based on old film stock being archived and stored in cold vaults. It is also made of cellulose acetate and this is the method used to preserve the film.

A last recommendation, might be to use the cotton batting found in quilt and sewing stores to wrap around the models. The old mini cruver models (1/432nd) were shipped and stored that way and I have found it very useful to wrap other size models in. Somewhat expensive, but can be reused. Polyester batting is also available, and provides the support and protection, but I do not like it since its fibers tend to grab on the small parts and can result in breaking loose a radar dome or rear landing gear if you are not careful as you unpack. The cotton batting is between and 1/16 and 1/4 inch thick; all cotton fiber in sheets. The polyester is around a half to an inch thick. My wife is a quilter and I have access to both.

The post war Cruvers (gray) can likely be boxed together, but I would tend to wrap the war time Cruver models separate, when feasible. My concern would be a good model going bad with a bunch of other good models all stored together in one big box.

Hope this helps. Dennis
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Re: Packing and Storing Recognition Models

Postby grwebster » Sun Mar 18, 2012 6:44 am

I have stored mine in boxes wrapped in newspaper with out any problems. Once for 6 months in an un-airconditioned storage box in central florida. I don't recommend this but I had no choice at the time.
Never use bubble wrap. It will leave a trace very quickly on the model.
I like Dennis' idea of quilt material.
GR Webster
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