B-26 with literature

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B-26 with literature

Postby soslipstream » Fri Sep 09, 2011 4:02 pm

I have been very busy with "real work" and have not been terribly active with model projects. Even still, I thought I would share a picture of my venerable Strombecker B-26 Marauder that I rescued a year ago. Not much has happened with the airplane since I chose not to go with the flat black finish but am opting for a "prototype" look. It is well known that there were no prototypes per se as the USAAC placed orders before it was off the drawing board. There was a first-to-fly airplane and that is the one I am choosing to model. I gathered some period artwork that reflected the image of that airplane and will eventually design a "presentation" that encompasses all the material. In inventory I have, the 1/72 scale Strombecker wood model, one advertisement painted by Hubbell, a copy of Model Airplane news from March, 1941, a period Post Card , a Strombecker "Apprentice" pin and a complete vtg Strombecker Recognition Model Kit. I will add the red to the cowlings as well as the pre-war markings.

I can just envision a 12 year old daydreaming about B-26's in his room in Omaha, Nebraska while his dad is working on the line building Marauders in Martin's brand new plant near Offhutt Field. It must have been quite inspiring in those days.

Have a Good Weekend, Tom

Regards, Tom Sanders
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Re: B-26 with literature

Postby dasimperator » Fri Sep 09, 2011 8:35 pm

Sometimes my mind drifts around to thinking of all the time out of peoples lives - all the meetings and planning sessions - that went into designing and building these things that were really important then but have little or no value today... especially when hearing some 'activist' shouting 'give them the wealth'. Little do their kind realise that material thing aren't 'wealth' - people with the ability to create them are.
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